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Among the priority areas of the Medical Plaza Medical Center, oncology occupies one of the leading places. At the same time, various methods are being developed and successfully applied, both for the screening of oncological pathology, and activities are carried out in terms of examination and treatment in cases of already existing oncological diseases.

List of services provided in the oncology department

  • Screening for the presence of oncopathology;
  • Laboratory diagnostics in oncological diseases;
  • Surgical interventions in oncopathology;
  • Conservative treatment;
  • Minimally invasive interventions;
  • Reconstructive surgeries and rehabilitation treatment after treatment;
  • Dispensary observation of postoperative patients in remission;
  • Monitoring and continuing treatment of patients who received primary oncological care in other medical institutions;
  • Providing a "second opinion" in controversial issues;
  • Hospice.
A modern multifunctional medical center
 A modern multifunctional medical center 
Quality and affordable medical care
 Quality and affordable medical care 
Equipping with high-tech equipment
 Equipping with high-tech equipment 
High level of service
 High level of service 
Highly qualified specialists
 Highly qualified specialists 

Oncology Department of the Medical Plaza Medical Center

The oncology department in our center was opened in September 2016. The priority direction of the department is the treatment of neoplasms of the breast and skin, both benign and malignant. Surgical care for tumors of the abdominal cavity and oncogynecology is also actively developing.

In the oncology department of the Medical Plaza Medical Center, tumor diseases are treated by various methods. An individual plan is developed for each patient, taking into account the stage, prevalence of the process, concomitant diseases and general condition. To select the optimal therapy option, according to international protocols, an oncoconsilimum is held.

The following modern methods of treatment are used:

  • Surgery
  • Chemotherapy
  • Symptomatic and supportive therapy
  • Comprehensive rehabilitation

Surgical treatment includes reconstructive and plastic surgeries to replace or restore a lost organ. If possible, they are carried out in one stage with the main surgical intervention, for example, mammoplasty for breast surgery.

Treatment is also possible according to a ready-made scheme drawn up by specialists from another medical institution. In particular, if the patient does not want to be away from home for a long time, and the treatment itself took place in a foreign clinic (usually the whole cycle lasts 6-12 months), then we will organize therapy on the spot.

After the operations and treatment, our patients remain under the dispensary supervision of their doctors in accordance with the international protocol. The clinic has all the facilities for examination and dispensary observation. If necessary, we conduct Skype consultations, embodying the principle of "second opinion".

For drug treatment, we use only high-quality certified drugs purchased directly from official channels from the manufacturer. All necessary storage and transportation conditions, such as a cold chain, are strictly observed. And the prices for drugs for chemotherapy due to official direct contracts are lower than in pharmacies.

Diagnosis of tumor diseases is carried out both as part of an examination for the pathology of a particular organ or system and a targeted search, as well as in screening programs. Screenings are regular preventive examinations to detect the disease at the earliest pre-symptomatic stages. In this case, the percentage of recovery with timely treatment is maximum.

In our medical center, there are already cases of detection of tumor diseases at the preclinical (zero) stage.

You can be sure of the expert level of medical care, medical care and service.

The staff of the department, both doctors and nursing staff, have extensive experience working with oncopathology, therefore, they are aimed at creating maximum psychological comfort for patients and their relatives, which is also of great importance at the stages of treatment and recovery.

We are fighting for the lives of our patients!!!

Early diagnosis, the use of modern treatment methods, minimally invasive surgery and original drugs, as well as high-quality rehabilitation and reconstruction - these are the principles of the Oncology Department of the Medical Plaza Medical Center, which together lead to the expected results.

Today, oncological disease is not a fatal diagnosis, if you treat your health carefully and trust specialists.

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Patient feedback

  • Larisa, 62 y.o

    Good afternoon! I want to say thank you to doctors Bondarenko Yuriy Nikolaevich and Solovieva Natalia Evgenievna for their honesty, positive attitude, support - do not promise a miracle, they do a miracle. 
    I came to the clinic with multiple lesions – I was almost carried to clinic. Three months later and three courses of chemo I am able to move without special equipment (folding canes, walkers, wheelchair), I feel much better and we continue the course of chemotherapy.
    The professionalism of the doctors brought back hope, instilled faith in life. Thank you very much to the staff of the department - they are attentive, caring, professional. In the hospital you feel at home - warm and comfortable.

  • Марина, 60 лет

    Лечение онкологии- это тяжелый и длительный процесс. И в этом процессе очень важно найти своего врача. Мне повезло-мой врач- Юрий Николаевич Бондаренко! Врач с большой буквы, он возвращает людям здоровье, дарит надежду и веру. Отдельную благодарность хочу выразить Наталье Евгеньевне за компетентные рекомендации в процессе моего лечения. Спасибо вам за профессионализм, терпение и поддержку. От души желаю вам благополучия, процветания, новых побед и самое главное- чтобы ваш труд был оценён по достоинству и приносил вам удовольствие!

  • Марина Геннадьевна

    Я пациентка клиники уже 2 года. Лечу онкологию 4 стадии. Я очень рада и счастлива, что попала в руки к хирургу Юлии Викторовне и химиотерапевтам Соловьевой Наталье Евгеньевне, Бондаренко Юрию Николаевичу. Сейчас, в военное, такое тяжелое для всей страны время, мне позвонили и сказали, что химия продолжается, плановое лечение можно продолжить. И я плакала от счастья и от того, что наши врачи - это самые лучшие врачи не только в городе, но и в Украине!

  • Стелла, 36 лет

    Уже не первый год доктор Бондаренко Юрий Николаевич помогает моей мамочке бороться с 4-й стадией онкологии. Этот врач использует новые методы лечения. По сравнению с другими врачами после химиотерапии нам Юрий Николаевич подобрал такие препараты, благодаря чему восстановление проходит легко. Мама чувствует себя лучше. У нее появляются силы, нет слабости и тошноты тошноты, диареи, хотя химию делают очень токсичную. Дай Бог здоровью Юрию Николаевичу и еще много лет помогать людям! Мы лечились в Турции, но когда попали к этому врачу, то поняли, что в Днепре лучшие врачи, творящие чудеса! Большая благодарность от всей нашей семьи этому врачу, что позволяет нам быть рядом с нашей больной мамой и жить обычной жизнью даже с 4-й стадией онкологии молочной железы с метастазами в печени и костном мозге. Всем выздоровления!