Специализация, должность:
  • врач-хирург
  • кандидат медицинских наук
  • генеральный директор
Общий стаж:
33 года
Прием пациентов:
Курсы повышения квалификации
  • Регулярно принимает участие в мастер-классах и семинарах по направлениям общая хирургия, диагностика и лечение хирургической патологии брюшной полости, неотложной хирургии.
Участник профессиональных сообществ
  • Европейская ассоциация эндохирургов

1984 -1990 гг. — Днепропетровская государственная медицинская академия

Направления работы
Видео с участием Малкова Игоря Игоревича

Доктор в совершенстве владеет всеми современными и актуальными методами хирургического лечения патологии брюшной полости и мягких тканей.

Отзывы о нашем медицинском центре

Благодарим за ваше доверие

  • I
    Illarion, 72 y. o.
    Many thanks to the staff and perfect specialist - ophthalmologist Bondarenko Yuriy Pavlovich. 
  • E
    Elena, 32 y.o.
    Totally loved everything! The clinic, friendly attitude and of course high professionalism of the cardiologist Ginzburg Vladimir Mihailovich!!! In my opinion there is no other specialist of THIS level!!! In our city for sure. Attention to details, deep knowledge (not only in cardiology) and patience, And because of my father`s health problem we visited many cardiologists. Vladimir Mihailovich, thank you so much! And many thanks to this clinic for brilliant specialist! Good luck! 
  • T
    Tatiana, 32 y.o.
    Gutnikov Pavel Vladimirovich, thank you so much. I`ve got under his knife because of recommendation of local ENT specialist, confided in him and wasn't wrong. What could be said about him - doctor with a God-given talent and Real Man! Performed surgery on a very high level, gave me a second life. Real doctor, that won't fail to help! Wish you health for years to come! 
  • T
    Taran P.S. 63 y.o.
    I wish all the clinic`s stuff a Happy New Year!!! Many thanks to Kutova U.V.
  • L
    Ludmila, 60 y.o
    I would like to express my great appreciation to Gutnikov Pavel Vladimirovich for his high professionalism, delicacy and attentive treatment of patients. The problem that made me reach out to this clinic was eliminated fast and accurate. Everything is on the high level. I will recommend your clinic. Best of luck 
  • S
    Samura Valentina
    With all my heart I want to express my sincere gratitude to brain surgeon Rezunov Eduard Vladimirovich and reflexologist Safonov Aleksandr Valentinovich, for high-skill help, attentive attitude and compassion. It would be very good if there were more doctors like them. Many thanks to medical stuff. Thank you all so much. Kind regards, Samura Valentina Vladimirovna.
  • B
    Boris Vulfovich
    About Pavel Vladimirovich Palura My experience of treatment in Medical Plaza (anal fissure and combined hemorrhoid 3rd grade) leads to the conclusion 1.    P. V. Palura is a formed and highly skilled surgeon-proctologist with a big professional experience (in spite of his relatively young age) 2.    Pavel Vladimirovich is proficient in modern technologies and facilities for sparing treatment of the wide range of proctological diseases. 3. He takes an extremely responsible attitude to his work, strictly follows the medical commandment "do no harm", reasonably and competently prescribes a course of treatment, taking into account the patient's concomitant diseases and the medications he takes.  4. An excellent diagnosis specialist, he balances the analysis of the information received from the patient with traditional and modern instrumental examination methods.  5. Convincingly argues the proposed treatment program, noting its advantages and disadvantages.  6. Strictly follows the current standards of the chosen method of treatment.  7. Skillfully engages the patient in cooperation, clearly explains the mechanism of action of the prescribed treatment complex, accurately predicts the patient's sensations during the procedure, surgery, postoperative state, and also accurately predicts the nature of the course of the rehabilitation period.  8. Thinly feels the sensations and condition of the patient, incl. psychological owns a set of techniques to minimize the unpleasant effects of procedures.  9. With patients, he is attentive, respectful, polite, patient. Objectively informs the patient about possible complications and measures to prevent them. In view of the above, I definitely recommend that you be treated by a proctologist surgeon Pavel Vladimirovich Palyura.  Boris Vulfovich, 76 years old.
  • V
    Viola B.
    I liked design and atmosphere in the clinic, the work of receptionists and especially professionalism of the doctors I had appointments with. Everything was explained to me clearly and I got a lot of attention during my appointment. I am very thankful to doctors who worked (and are currently working) on my health Danilova Y. A., Balatov V.V.   
  • T
    I would like to express my great appreciation to Rezunov Eduard Vladimirovich, very attentive, thoughtful doctor. My problem was heeded and I am happy with the outcome. Thank you, wish you success in your hard work. 
  • M
    If you still think about the clinic you should reach out to for long-awaited joy of motherhood, you have to come here. There is very attentive and competent staff. You do not even feel like you are in the hospital. And even if it does not work out at the first try, don`t get upset, you have to work to achieve your goal. It means your baby will be born a little bit later)))) I want to say thank you from all my heart to the wonderful doctor Ivah Victoria Ivanovna. She is truly a professional. Also, I am very grateful to anesthesiologist Chupahova Nelya Nikolaevna.
  • V
    I found this clinic on the internet and now I want to recommend it to you. It is clinic of the new generation, really. Modern technic, high-skill doctors and pleasant, kind-hearted medical staff. I am happy with my choice of clinic!  
  • S
    Sokolova Natalia Valentinovna
    I am very grateful to the whole team of ophthalmologists from medical plaza centre. To Tishchenko Yulia Valerievna, doctor-ophthalmologist, for the high professionalism and attentive treatment of patients; to surgeon-ophthalmologist Bondarenko Yuriy Pavlovich for the excellent skills and two cataract surgeries, carried out successfully (05.06.2019 and 19.06.2019) .
  • P
    Pravdiuk L. V.
    Many thanks to Tabrina Olena Mikhailovna for her professionalism. 10 years ultrasound diagnostic was showing 7mm right kidney stone, but labs were really bad.  12.06.2019 Tabrina O.M. the stone was 24x13mm (coral).  Computer tomography confirmed the size.  18.10.2019 stone was removed surgically. Size and characteristics were confirmed again.  Thanks to Tabrina O.M. for and interest on every patient`s health. I wish her to continue to be the same caring and friendly person and doctor as she is now.   
  • L
    Larisa, 62 y.o
    Good afternoon! I want to say thank you to doctors Bondarenko Yuriy Nikolaevich and Solovieva Natalia Evgenievna for their honesty, positive attitude, support - do not promise a miracle, they do a miracle.  I came to the clinic with multiple lesions – I was almost carried to clinic. Three months later and three courses of chemo I am able to move without special equipment (folding canes, walkers, wheelchair), I feel much better and we continue the course of chemotherapy. The professionalism of the doctors brought back hope, instilled faith in life. Thank you very much to the staff of the department - they are attentive, caring, professional. In the hospital you feel at home - warm and comfortable.
  • K
    Tatiana Pavlovna Zolotarenko is a heartful doctor. My story with this doctor started almost 2 years ago, we treated cervical erosion in radio wave method. Jumping ahead I can say, that after this procedure, during labour my womb easily opened up. It is for people who hesitate if they should treat it before the first pregnancy. My pregnancy went really good thanks to Medical Plaza and my doctor: minimum nerves, maximum attention to details, labs are correct, in time and sent on mail, no waiting lines or discomfort. Here everything is created for you to carry your baby peacefully to term. 
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Specialization, position: surgeon, candidate of medical science, general director.

Category: highest


  • 1984 -1990. - Dnepropetrovsk State Medical Academy

Experience: 33 years

Member of the professional communities:

  • European Endosurgery Association.

Professional development courses:

  • Regularly takes part in master classes and seminars on general surgery, diagnostics and treatment of surgical abdominal pathology, emergency surgery.


  • Abdominal surgery;
  • Emergency surgery;
  • Hernia surgery;
  • Gallstone disease, choledocholithiasis, herniated diaphragm, stomach, small and large intestine surgery.
  • Hernias of all localizations and sizes.
  • Plastic surgery on the abdominal wall.
  • Acute appendicitis.
  • hydroceles of the scrotum, varicocele.

The doctor is fluent in all modern and actual methods of surgical treatment of abdominal and soft tissue surgical pathology