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Immunological infertility is considered a complex violation of reproductive function. It occurs with incompatibility of male or female genes, the presence of antisperm antibodies. Against the background of pathology, sperm become unable to fertilize the egg. The negative consequences of this condition are the lack of conception, the impossibility of the onset and safe pregnancy.

In general, immunological infertility is considered as a combined factor causing problems with conception. In some cases, pathology is the main reason leading to the inability of the couple to have offspring.


Immunological infertility in men is diagnosed more often than in women. Violation occurs in the following cases:

  •  if the body of one of the spouses contains antisperm antibodies;
  •  if there is compatibility between HLA complexes of sexual partners.

Antisperm antibodies present in the female or male body make sperm inactive. The consequence of this is the inability to fertilize the egg.

HLA is the name for proteins located on white blood cells. In the human body they are individual and are not the same. Such proteins perform an important task of detecting elements that are foreign to the cell and the formation of antibodies. The formed embryo contains the HLA proteins of each of the parents. In the maternal body, natural mechanisms are triggered to recognize the fetus, its conservation and development (nutrition, oxygen supply, etc.). If the antigens of the partners are similar to each other, the woman’s body does not respond to unusual cells. As a result, conception is absent or a pathology develops called “frozen pregnancy”.


Diagnostics of immunological infertility, performed by specialists of the medical center "Medical Plaza", is carried out on the basis of the following informative procedures:

  1.  Samples of Kurzrok-Miller.
  2.  Post-coital test of Shuvarsky-Guner.
  3.  HLA typing.

Thanks to the Kurzrock-Miller test, it is possible to establish which of the spouses is susceptible to immunological impairment. The method also allows you to determine the presence of sperm in the female cervical mucus and the degree of their capacity.

The Shuvarsky-Guner post-coital test determines the amount of sperm present in the vagina and cervical mucus, as well as their level of mobility. The procedure is carried out after coition (sexual contact).

HLA typing helps to conduct a comparative analysis of the HLA phenotype of spouses. For this, HL complexes are isolated from patient blood samples. The diagnostic procedure assesses the ability of a couple to have offspring, and also discovers a predisposition to various serious diseases (diabetes mellitus, autoimmune pathologies).


Choosing effective tactics for combating the disease, the cause of its occurrence must be taken into account. Both female and male immunological infertility require the use of the most effective medical techniques.

When eliminating the violation, the doctors of our center use the best modern approaches:

  1.  Therapy with glucocorticosteroids, followed by the appointment of a course of plasmapheresis. Such methods provide positive results if the violation is associated with the presence of antisperm antibodies in the patient's body.
  2.  Stimulating the production of antibodies that play a crucial role in the process of pregnancy and successful gestation (with HLA compatibility). For this purpose, the spouse's lymphocytes are introduced into the patient's body. The active immunization procedure is performed by subcutaneous injection. Additionally, passive immunization (intravenous immunoglobulins) is required. The effect of immuno lymphocyte therapy lasts from 1.5 months to six months. The effect of immunoglobulin therapy is present no longer than two months.

Each person has an individual immune system, and in some situations, the classical treatment of immunological infertility does not provide rapid improvement. In this regard, the main types of therapy can be enhanced by the use of auxiliary methods. These include:

Immunological infertility is a serious pathology that can manifest itself in patients of both sexes. Despite a similar diagnosis, the situation does not always become hopeless. In immunological infertility, the reviews of patients who underwent treatment at the Medical Center “Medical Plaza” are mostly positive. Turning to us, you can count on the use of the most modern and highly effective methods of combating infertility.

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