According to medical statistics, the occurrence of hemorrhoids is familiar to most of the population (up to 80%). Pavel Palura, a proctologist at the clinic Medical Plaza, shares important information about the causes of hemorrhoids, the dangers of hemorrhoids and why self-treatment should be avoided.


The main causes of hemorrhoids are negative heredity and the presence of provoking factors. Venous insufficiency, leading to the formation of nodes in the rectum, tends to inherit. The risk of the disease can be reduced through effective prevention and rejection of unhealthy lifestyles.

Today, hemorrhoid disease is significantly "rejuvenated". In past years, a sensitive problem was mostly found in people over 50 years old. Today, hemorrhoids are increasingly being detected in young patients and even adolescents.

At any age, it is important to know which causes of hemorrhoids are most common. The pathology often develops due to lack of fibre in the diet. Constant consumption of unnatural, "unhealthy" products deteriorates intestinal peristalsis, provokes frequent constipation and the appearance of hemorrhoids. 

To avoid such violations, it is recommended to include coarse fibrous food in the diet. Such products provide "training" of the intestine and make all its departments fully functional.


First of all, hemorrhoids is a consequence of systemic vein disease associated with the weakness of the venous walls throughout the body. Often, apart from nodes in the anus area, patients have varicose veins of the lower limbs.

The weakening of the vascular walls manifests itself in different ways:

  •      as for women: promotes the development of pelvic varicose veins;
  •      as for men: provokes varicocele (varicose veins in the area of the seed canary).

The common causes of hemorrhoids in men and women are stress and lack of mobility. Frequent stressful conditions provoke a wide variety of disorders. In an organism under the influence of stress, the work of all internal organs, including the intestines, is reconstructed. In some cases, diarrhea occurs, in others - constipation, adversely affecting the mucosa of the rectum, provoking the formation of pathological nodes in it.

Often, hemorrhoids are the "payback" for a sedentary lifestyle. If you stay in a sedentary position for a long time, the pressure in the anus increases. This slows down the outflow of blood, and its entire volume begins to pressure the venous walls. Being weakened, they can't withstand the increased loads.

If the profession is connected with a permanent stay in front of the computer monitor, it is recommended to organize breaks of 5-10 minutes per hour. It is enough just to walk around the room and do some simple exercises. This will help to improve the condition of blood vessels and prevent the rapid development of hemorrhoids.


The main factors of the disease development in the weaker sex are the same as in men. At the same time, there are specific causes of hemorrhoids in women:

  •  pregnancy, during which the uterus increases in size, starts to exert pressure on vessels and provokes blood stagnation;
  •  childbirth activities accompanied by intense exertion of pressure and increased blood pressure on the pelvic veins.

Women are more likely to be constipated than men, due to the presence of elongated sigmoid colon. Difficulties with bowel emptying lead to increased pressure on the walls of anus venous vessels and the appearance of hemorrhoid nodes.

Menstruation is often the cause of exacerbation of hemorrhoids in women. During the period of menstruation, blood actively rushes to the small pelvis, blood vessels overflow, which becomes a "favorable soil" for strengthening negative symptoms.


At the initial stage, hemorrhoids tend to flow asymptomatically. Many patients will only find out about the problem when they have pain and bloody veins in their stools.

In the neglected stage, the disease provokes the formation of hemorrhoids, which may be:

  •      internal;
  •      external.

The external nodes look like "lumps" falling out of the anus. Their appearance is typical for stages 3-4 of the disease.

It should be understood that hemorrhoids do not dissolve or disappear on their own. In the absence of quality treatment, they can be reborn into malignant tumors.

When hemorrhoids develop, the causes and treatment should be considered in time. The greatest risk of the pathology turning into cancer is in patients who visit the doctor late. In such cases, the assistance of an oncologist is already needed.


Statistics show that 80-85% of cancers tend to affect the rectum. This occurs against the backdrop of constant trauma to the mucous membrane from food and a continuous inflammatory process.

The development of oncology in the rectum is also linked to the following factors:

  •      infection with papillomaviruses;
  •      the formation of anal fissures;
  •      the presence of injuries, polyps in the anus.

Initially, polyps are benign and pose no serious threat to the body. In the long absence of adequate treatment, these formations are capable of metastasis. This occurs both in eldery people and in middle-aged and young patients.


There are effective recommendations for the prevention of hemorrhoidal disease. Competent prevention will benefit at any age, will help to avoid the inconvenient and dangerous disease.

The main ways to prevent hemorrhoids:

  1.      Minimum consumption of spicy foods.
  2.      Refusal of unconventional (anal) sex.
  3.      Moderately mobile way of life.
  4.      Regular training of pelvic floor muscles.

When the first signs of the pathology should be avoided self-treatment. Any medications can be used only after examination by a doctor, clarifying the stage of the disease and its specifics.


Frequent causes of hemorrhoids in men, as well as in some ladies - constant consumption of spicy, spicy food, disregard for the principles of healthy eating. While inside, spicy foods retain their burning effect and increase the blood flow to the rectum. This effect is negatively perceived by the body and causes pathologies in the anal area.

Excessive fascination with baths and saunas is considered equally harmful. To avoid irritating effects on the rectum, it is not recommended to take frequent hot baths.


Regular sex is important for every adult. However, its unconventional forms are frequent causes of hemorrhoids in women.

A dangerous consequence of sexual experiments is injury to the mucosa and the appearance of anal fissures. Dangerous conditions may also develop, such as a detachment of the rectum from the ligamentary system. In this case, an emergency surgical operation is required to save human life.


Causes of hemorrhoids in people engaged in sports - excessive force, frequent lifting of weights. Such factors increase the probability of the pathology dozens of times. Proof of this is the detection of hemorrhoids occurring at various stages in 9 of 10 powerlifters.

Cardion loads have been found to be the most useful and safe. The following types of physical activity help to prevent hemorrhoid disease:

  •      running;
  •      swimming;
  •      sport walking;
  •      fitness.

It is not prohibited to work with block simulators. Thus it is necessary to establish loading no more than 10-15 kg.


To improve the tone of the pelvic floor muscles, a special set of exercises Kegel is used. Training contributes to better blood supply to the anal area, strengthens the muscles, which becomes an additional framework for the veins, preventing the stretching of their walls.


Treatment of hemorrhoidal disease by folk or home remedies is not always approved by doctors. Some methods may be unsafe, doing more harm than good.

In most cases, self-treatment only aggravates the situation. In order to prevent the rapid progression of the pathology, it is strongly recommended not to conduct "experiments" on your body, use dubious lotions, formulas for enemas and irrigation.

Frequent consequences of illiterate therapy are chemical burns and injuries to the rectum. Treatment for these conditions can be complex and time-consuming.


If you are concerned about hemorrhoids, the causes and symptoms should not be left without medical attention. Many patients postpone going to the doctor because they are shy. Some have fear of possible surgery.

It should be understood that there are no "uncomfortable" diseases for medicine, and false shame causes rapid growth of pathological nodes and rapid deterioration of health. The occurrence of hemorrhoids does not necessarily require traumatic surgery. Today the main emphasis is on the use of high quality drugs and minimally invasive methods of treatment. Before treatment, the exact causes of hemorrhoids are determined, the stage of the disease, the presence of concomitant pathologies and individual characteristics of each patient are clarified.