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Google, friends and advisors, and even doctors sometimes are confused and do not come to consensus. According to the current orders of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, all women after 40 years are subject to an annual mammographic examination.


The younger the woman, the more in the structure of the lacteal glands the glandular tissue itself. This is due to the hormonal background and the need to feed offspring. A mammography image is obtained after the passage of x-rays through the gland tissue and fixing their shadows on a special very sensitive film (in order to minimize radiation exposure). So it turns out that the younger the woman, the more tissue in the structure, displayed in the form of multiple shadows which make visualization difficult.

With age, a woman has a natural process of glandular tissue "aging" (it is simply replaced by adipose tissue). Adipose tissue does not leave blackouts on the film, as a result the smallest formations (they are also “seals”) become visible. That is why all women with pronounced glandular tissue in the structure are recommended to comprehensively approach the examination, and this is mammography and ultrasound of the mammary glands, so that not a single trifle escapes our gaze!


In the presence of anxiety about the condition of their mammary glands, a woman under 40 years old must consult a mammologist and undergo an ultrasound examination. After the age of 40, mammography is the method of choice.

Remember: the best treatment is prevention! Timely diagnosis of the problem significantly increases the chances of a quick and complete recovery!

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