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Male infertility is a violation of reproductive function associated with a quantitative or qualitative change in sperm. Pathology is quite common, but with the right approach to treatment, most patients manage to conceive a child safely. Currently, the male factor of infertility tends to increase. Important conditions for a successful recovery are refusal of “experiments” with one's own health and timely contact with a reliable medical institution.


The causes of male infertility are of different nature. It is possible to precisely establish the factor that caused the pathology due to the quality diagnostics in our center.

The main causes of male infertility are endocrine disorders or infectious and inflammatory processes affecting the sexual sphere. Among other factors causing the problem, prevail:

  •  varicocele;
  •  congenital malformations of the genitals;
  •  reproductive organ injuries;
  •  benign or malignant neoplasms in the testicles.

More rarely, infertility is associated with the consequences of taking antibiotics, psychogenic factors, overly active sports, and constant wearing of tight underwear. The disorder can also develop because of general immunity weakening, malnutrition, leading to a deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body.


Specialists of the “Medical Plaza” Medical Center examine men for infertility at the highest level, guaranteeing 100% accurate results. Thanks to the use of modern methods, the diagnosis does not cause significant difficulties.

To test man for infertility, you will need sperm donation after a 2-3-day abstinence. Biomaterial research is fast. Within an hour, the doctor will have detailed information about the patient's reproductive function.

Given that one of the common causes of impaired fertility is inflammation in the genital area, in addition to sperm tests, additional procedures are performed:

  • collection of smears from the urethra;
  • sowing on flora;
  • puncture of the testicles and vas deferens.

If male infertility is suspected, diagnosis will also include palpation of the scrotum, helping to rule out the presence of varicocele. Required will be a rectal examination and palpation of the prostate gland.

To clarify whether the patient has a varicocele, he needs to do an ultrasound of the vessels. In case of detection of hormonal disorders, an additional examination will be required. With hyperprolactinemia, an MRI of the brain is performed: a procedure that helps to exclude the presence of micro- or macroadenomas of the pituitary gland. The decision on the need for surgery will depend on the results of the studies, the severity of negative symptoms, the age of the patient.

If a patient has chronic inflammation, a comprehensive treatment will be performed. With a pronounced inflammatory process or long-term prostatitis, an effective course of therapy is required before the IVF program. Your spouse may also need to be examined and undergo treatment.


A variety of factors influence spermatogenesis. That is why in most cases a complex treatment of male infertility is required.

For patients who have confirmed male infertility, “Medical Plaza” clinic is guaranteed to select the most effective way to restore fertility. The duration of therapy is always individual.

Specialists of our center apply the following methods to combat pathology:

  1.  Drug therapy with antibiotics. Male infertility is treated in this way in the presence of infection, and choice of specific drugs is determined by a degree of sensitivity of the pathogen to drugs.
  2.  Stimulation of spermatogenesis by prescribing vitamins, homeopathic and herbal preparations to the patient. When treating infertility in men, hormonal drugs are used carefully, only if certain indications are present.
  3.  Use of donor sperm. This method allows you to cure infertility in men, if the body does not produce its own sperm.

It is impossible to cure male infertility quickly that has arisen against the background of chronic diseases of the genital area. To restore the patient’s health, several treatment courses are often required. If the doctor considers it is necessary, the patient will be prescribed physiotherapy, which takes at least 30 days.

Today the question is no longer raised: can male infertility be treated. A timely recovery to a competent specialist and refusal of dubious home therapy becomes a guarantee of full recovery.


It is possible to resist the development of male infertility thanks to effective preventive measures, which include:

  1.  Careful personal hygiene.
  2.  Nutrition
  3.  Regular sex life.
  4.  Refusal of physical inactivity.
  5.  Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.
  6.  Minimization of stressful conditions.

A pronounced benefit to the body provides the intake of vitamin complexes for men, carried out several times a year. To resist age-related changes, fish oil with vitamin D3 helps. Multivitamins containing substances of group B allow increased resistance to stress.

Male infertility can be prevented through regular visits to the doctor. Specialists of Medical Center “Medical Plaza” recommend visiting an andrologist twice a year, as well as periodically take tests and tumor markers for prostate pathology.

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