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During menopause, the level of hormones in female body decreases. The ovaries slow down its work, the production of healthy eggs stops. The result of this is the inability to conceive and carry a child.

Not everyone knows that the extinction of reproductive function does not occur instantaneously, but can continue for several years. This means the following - during this period, the woman has a chance to get pregnant. This probability is also confirmed by statistical data, according to which monthly ovulation still occurs after 40 years, and the probability of conception is at least 10%.

At the age of 50-55, the chances of motherhood are significantly reduced, but still present. This is evidenced by the huge number of women of mature age who managed to give birth late. Such cases are found around the world, but especially common in Western countries. There, the age of women in childbirth noticeably “matured”, as many women prefer to pursue a career in their youth and become mothers not earlier than forty years of age.

This is confirmed by the fact established by British researchers - in 2015, among every 1000 women who have reached the age of 40 or more, there were at least 15 births. Against the background of such indicators, the question naturally arises: is it always possible for mature patients to become pregnant naturally, and is it possible to do IVF during menopause?


It must be understood that the chances of a natural conception and subsequent carrying pregnancy to term during menopause remain minimal. If there are no serious contraindications, IVF for menopause is used for a successful pregnancy. Even if the production of egg cells in the body has stopped, but woman has normal health indicators, she is quite able to conceive, carry and give birth to a healthy baby.

In the advanced countries people do not wonder whether IVF can be done during menopause for a long time. This procedure is often prescribed to patients of mature age who wish to experience all the joys of motherhood after 40 years or more.

IVF with menopause without menstruation is considered by the leading specialists of MC “Medical Plaza” as a progressive reproductive technique that brings positive results. This method helps you to become a mother even after ectopic pregnancies, surgery for obstruction of the fallopian tubes or their removal. In vitro fertilization represents a new direction in the treatment of infertility, thanks to which many women have a great chance of motherhood even with menopause.


Our reproductologists prescribe IVF during menopause for the following categories of women:

  •     with no adverse health conditions
  •     who able to independently carry a fetus, without any uterine pathologies (if it is impossible to use one’s own egg, a donor oocyte can be used, fertilized by the spouse’s sperm and inserted into the uterine cavity);
  •     who are able to tolerate hormone therapy normally (during menopause, the hormonal background of the female body changes, which significantly affects the first trimester of pregnancy).

 These are the main indications for in vitro fertilization after 40 years. In order to determine in each individual case, if IVF is possible without periods, a thorough medical diagnosis can be carried out in Medical Plaza.


Before starting IVF without menstruation, specialists of our center prescribe a systemic evaluation. Body of each patient has its own characteristics. That is why the in vitro fertilization procedure requires a preliminary determination of the level of hormones, follicular reserve and other indicators.
Also during the systemic evaluation are carried out:

  •     ultrasound, which determines the condition of uterus, presence or absence of adhesions, possible inflammatory process;
  •     heart, pelvic organs, kidneys ultrasound;
  •     ECG, fluorography, mammography;
  •     laboratory blood tests aimed at clarifying the state of endocrine system, detecting possible genetic disorders;
  •     blood tests for hormones, for the presence of a variety of infections.

 If necessary, the patient is prescribed a hysteroscopy, assessing the ability of female body to accept embryo.

IVF implies a shared responsibility for both parents of future baby. In order to select the most effective set of reproductive procedures, a partner's sperm is examined for ability of fertilization.


It is difficult to predict the likelihood of success with IVF after menopause, based only on the patient’s age. In some cases, a woman becomes pregnant even after 50 years, and successfully carries a child. In other situations, conception does not occur, despite repeated attempts.

If there are contraindications for pregnancy, the absence of endometrial growth, even against the background of the treatment, there is always one more chance to become parents, known as surrogate motherhood. This method involves the fertilization of the donor egg by the husband’s sperm, and the transfer of the embryo into the uterine cavity of another woman. After that, the surrogate mother safely carries and gives birth to the baby instead of the patient.


Term “artificial menopause” means a procedure during which a medical stop of ovarian function is performed. This provokes the cessation of the production of female hormones (estrogens). This method is often used in the treatment of some gynecological pathologies, which include uterine fibroids, endometriosis, uterine bleeding. 

Artificial menopause is reversible. When woman stops taking the pharmacological medicines prescribed by the doctor, the ovarian function gradually normalizes, regular menstruation returns. A standard course of treatment usually lasts no more than six months. 

Once the therapy is complete, the chances of natural conception increase. The patient can also become pregnant through an In Vitro Fertilisation programme.


The specialists of the Medical Plaza Medical Center are absolutely sure at 40-50 years old, the hope for motherhood still exists. Clinical reproductologists are proficient in all modern methods of In Vitro fertilization in various categories of patients, regularly undergo continuing education courses in Ukraine and abroad. Reviews of women who underwent the procedure in our center confirm its high efficiency and safety.

With us you can no longer doubt whether IVF is possible with menopause. We will be happy to help each family become happy parents of a beautiful and healthy baby!

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