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The cardiovascular situation is very alarming. They are leaders in the causes of early death. 

Unfortunately, Ukraine is not on the best positions. Kostyantyn Khatsko, cardiosurgeon of the highest category of Medical Plaza Medical Center, and Volodymyr Ginzburg, cardiologist of the highest category of Medical Plaza Medical Center, Honored Doctor of Ukraine, told about it in the Media Center Informator. 

It is cardiovascular diseases that reduce the life expectancy of Ukrainians. Besides, these diseases cause loss of social activity, opportunity to work and enjoy life.

"First of all, we are talking about diseases associated with atrosclerotic vascular disease. It is this problem that determines most of the causes of death and disability," said Vladimir Ginzburg.

Arthrosclerosis is a systemic disease and affects the arteries of the body. There are "plaques" in the vessels, which narrow the lumen of the vessel, disrupting blood flow in important organs. Usually, the disease develops on the principle of cause-effect relationship. "If we eliminate the cause, there will be no consequence," Ginzburg said. Possible causes of the disease

  •     Inheritance. It suggests a predisposition at the gene level.
  •     Smoking. It increases the risk of myocardial infarction. Products that get into the bloodstream with each cigarette damage the inner lining of blood vessels.
  •     Increased cholesterol levels.
  •     Stress.
  •     Elevated glucose levels.
  •     Obesity and sedentary lifestyle.

"Speaking of prevention, we just have to eliminate risk factors. If there is no reason, there will be no consequence. Prevention is quite commonplace, simple and effective", - summed up the honored doctor of Ukraine Volodymyr Ginzburg.


A surgical solution to the disease is an artery coronary. Its procedure consist of a puncture, which is made on the arm under local anesthesia. Doctors put in a thin catheter in the artery and inject the substance into the arteries, which nourish the heart. They look for “plaques” there: "If there are any, we take the patient for an open cardiac surgery. And if there are only one or two, we go on to stenting. Changing instruments, we go through "plaques" and practically operate on the heart through a puncture in the arm," said Konstantin Hatsko.


There are no contraindications to this procedure as long as the patient is alive. But, according to doctors, if the patient is in serious condition - he will be operated on as he needs to be rescued. You can contact the Medical Plaza Medical Center for disease prevention and consultation.

Earlier, the Informator said that a new strain of influenza virus was going to Ukraine. It is high time to think about how to strengthen your immunity in order to be ready to resist any virus.


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