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Widespread, but erroneously fundamentally, is the opinion that infertility is diagnosed mainly in representatives of the fair half of humanity. In fact, in 50 and more percent of clinical cases, the inability to conceive is the result of a man having a number of pathologies, including infectious diseases, lesions of the vascular system, and others.

However, in 9 cases out of 10, the reason for a man’s inability to conceive is the low quality of reproductive material. The reasons may be different: a low level of sperm motility or a small number of them.

In such situations, the question of how to improve sperm morphology and restore the ability to conceive becomes relevant. There are various methods that will help to cope with the problem as soon as possible, and the specialists of the Medical Plaza clinic will help you to choose the appropriate treatment options in accordance with the characteristics of the clinical case.


Despite the fact that sperm production is performed before a man reaches the age of 80 years or more, the quality of reproductive material deteriorates significantly over time. In the absence of diseases and pathologies, a man retains the ability to conceive before old age, but the risk of having a child suffering from diseases whose development is due to chromosomal abnormalities is great. Accordingly, it is recommended to think about how to improve sperm activity and sperm quality in general at an earlier age.

Before man reaches middle age, sperm motility and their number can be improved through the use of various therapeutic approaches and lifestyle changes can be done in three months. But the older patient becomes, the more time he needs to restore the reproductive system. That is why, before choosing methods, tools and vitamins that improve sperm quality, the specialists of our medical center offer the patient a medical examination.


Often couples planning a child's birth are interested in the question of whether sperm can be improved by refusing intimate relationships for a short time. This method is quite common in everyday life and is justified. However, it is important to follow some rules.

Before thinking about how to improve sperm quality through abstinence, it is recommended to pay attention to the opinion of specialists. So, according to the results of the studies, the optimal abstention should not be more than 2 - 4 days.

If the specified gap is less, the volume of reproductive material may not be enough to conceive. However, the onset of pregnancy is still possible if sexual intercourse is carried out directly during ovulation. With longer abstinence, the quality of the reproductive material deteriorates, which also reduces the likelihood of conception.


Couples planning to conceive a baby need to know in advance which foods improve sperm. To improve the quality of biological material, it is important to include in the diet dishes whose composition is enriched with the following substances necessary for the body:

  • zinc;
  • beta carotene;
  • vitamins of groups C, E, D;
  • calcium;
  • omega 3 fatty acids - This element is especially important for improving the quality and quantity of sperm.

To increase the ability to conceive, it is recommended to include sperm-improving products in the daily diet:

  1.  A large amount of zinc contains legumes. They should be included in the diet on a regular basis at least once a week.
  2.  Fat marine fish contain unsaturated fatty acids. Starting to address the issue of how to improve sperm morphology, it is recommended to include this product in the diet at least three times a week.
  3.  It is important to include fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin A in the menu, for example, carrots, apricots, pumpkin, peaches. It is important that the daily diet contains a variety of fresh herbs in sufficient quantities.

To provide the body with additional elements, it is also recommended to eat a small amount of walnuts and natural soy sauce daily. Those who are thinking about how to improve sperm for conception through a balanced diet, it is recommended to pay attention that in order to obtain a positive result, you must adhere to the selected diet for at least three to five weeks.


If the question of how to improve the quality and quantity of sperm is relevant for a couple, it is important to pay attention to a number of rules, which must be strictly observed:

  1.  It is important to exclude overheating or hypothermia of the body, the above factors have a negative impact on the quality of biological material.
  2.  Intensive and prolonged physical activity is not recommended. It is possible and necessary to play sports, but this should be done moderately.
  3.  For those men who are thinking about how to improve sperm quantity, it is especially important to abandon the use of drugs, tobacco, alcohol.
  4.  It is important to avoid stress, nervous strain. A negative emotional state has a negative effect on sperm quality.
  5.  It is recommended to abandon the use of red meat, it is better to opt for fish, poultry and other varieties. This aspect is especially important for those who are thinking about methods to improve sperm motility.
  6.  Poor food is no less harmful to the body than the above factors. It is important to normalize the diet, exclude from the menu preservation, marinades, fast food. It is also necessary to exclude fats of animal and vegetable origin, including butter, cream, margarine. For cooking, it is better to use olive oil, the composition of which is enriched with a large number of useful trace elements.
  7.  In the presence of excess body weight, it is recommended to reduce weight to accepted standards. A large number of extra pounds has a negative effect on the reproductive function of the male body. Before improving sperm through the use of therapeutic approaches and drugs, it is recommended to eliminate excess body weight.

Before posing the question “how to improve the quality of sperm”, it should be noted that a healthy lifestyle should be followed for at least three to five months. Shorter terms for a full recovery of the body is not enough.


The importance of the quality of a man’s sperm is due to the fact that in order to successfully fertilize an egg the sperm cell needs to overcome a lot of obstacles, including, for example, an acidic environment. With low sperm quality, sperm have a low motor activity, which reduces the chances of conception. How to increase them and how to improve sperm cells? It is recommended to pay attention to a number of the following rules:

  1.  After completion of sexual intercourse, sperm becomes more fluid, part of it flows from the vagina, which may affect the results of conception. To prevent this, a woman is recommended to remain in a horizontal position for at least half an hour.
  2.  Timelines are important. To increase the chances of a successful conception, it is recommended to abandon intimate relationships two to three days before the date of the proposed ovulation. This period is enough to increase sperm volume.
  3.  The pose during intercourse as a whole has no effect on the result, that is the onset of conception. However, if a woman has anatomical features, including, for example, bends of the uterus, the choice of posture should be guided by the recommendations of the doctor.

So, with the right approach, methods and tools that improve sperm can restore the reproductive abilities of men and significantly increase the chances of conception. It is important to remember that in the presence of serious problems, they can be dealt only with the participation of specialists. We invite you to our Medical Plaza center for advice and, if necessary, for a course of treatment!

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