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Hemorrhoids are an unpleasant disease that affects a huge number of people around the world. According to experts, the true extent of the disease is difficult to determine, because many patients hide their condition and prefer to engage in dubious home therapy. Real effective treatment of hemorrhoids is possible due to minimally invasive methods widely used by modern specialists.


In recent years, proctologists in various countries have increasingly used the radio frequency ablation (RFA) method. It is a modern minimally invasive method of intervention that helps to achieve the highest results in the surgical treatment of hemorrhoidal disease. The procedure allows to treat hemorrhoids without surgery, guarantees fast and painless recovery of patients of any age.

Since 2017, modern radio-frequency ablyator (RFA) produced by Belgian company "F care systems" has been applied in Ukraine. This device was the first to appear in our medical center and is an innovation for Ukrainian medicine. The fastest way to treat hemorrhoids is to use a radio-frequency ablyator, which is available to the surgeons of our medical center.

With the help of radiofrequency ablation the most effective hemorrhoids treatment can be performed. The device facilitates the successful removal of nodes with varying degrees of difficulty, including the 4th.  Often, even a single procedure is enough for the complete removal of the pathology.

Among the advantages of the device include:

  •      high efficiency;
  •      the minimum painful feelings;
  •      low risk of complications;
  •      100% removal of hemorrhoid nodes.

At the analysis by the European experts of the treatment results by the RFA method the conclusion about its complete safety was made. There were no bleedings or purulent-septic complications during the device use. Some patients, who underwent the procedure, felt pain in rectum, easily eliminated by single taking of ibuprofen preparations.

Specialists of MC "Medical Plaza" note the positive effect in patients with various stages of pathology. If a patient has 3rd degree hemorrhoids, treatment without surgery is possible with the use of radiofrequency ablation. Positive effect is also achieved in the last stage of the disease. The nodes disappear very quickly, along with pain and discomfort. None of the operated patients, who underwent hemorrhoids treatment in the Dniper in our medical center, had any complications in the form of bleeding or purulent-septic processes.


Surgical interventions with a minimally invasive nature are the main focus of modern surgery. These methods are also widely used by most proctologists.

In proctology, there is a basic classification distinguishing 4 degrees of internal hemorrhoids. Each of them is characterized by a certain appearance of the nodes and the severity of prolapse:

  •     1st degree of disease - nodes and lumps often bleed without falling out;
  •     2nd degree - there is periodic loss of nodes, but the patient is able to correct them himself;
  •     3rd degree - it is still possible to correct the protruding nodes with the hands;
  •     4th degree - the prolapsed nodes are not corrected even by the hands. this is explained by the pronounced weakening of the anus muscle ring.

The complexity of treatment is determined by the stage of disease development. The more neglected the pathology, the more effort is required to eliminate it.

Most of the minimally invasive surgical treatments are most effective for the first or second degree of hemorrhoids. In some cases, they are also used in the 3rd stage. Until recently, hemorrhoids of the last degree could be eliminated only by conventional surgery (Milligan-Morgan hemorrhoidectomy and other interventions).

Introduction of the innovative RFA method in proctology allowed to avoid traumatic intervention even at 3-4 stages of the disease and to carry out qualitative treatment of hemorrhoids without surgery. This procedure is universal, which allows prescribing it to all patients with such a diagnosis.


Treatment of hemorrhoids in the Dniper, based on the RFA method, is carried out in full compliance with all recommendations of the world's leading specialists. Using a special needle, the doctor places a spherical electrode at the base of the hemorrhoid node. Then there is an exposure to high-frequency currents (radio frequency radiation), which provides thermal coagulation and vaporization of the pathological area.

During the procedure, hemorrhoid nodes and lumps are obliterated (destroyed), their blood supply is stopped and complete ablation (resorption) takes place. Due to the probe isolation, only local thermocoagulation effect takes place. There is no thermal effect on healthy tissues surrounding the pathological node. The thermal effect does not occur when the probe is heated (there are no filaments in the generator), but when it is exposed to radiofrequency radiation.


Feedback on the effective treatment of hemorrhoids is in favor of its high efficiency and safety. The method has many undeniable advantages:

  1.  It allows to get immediate positive results and guarantees quick treatment of hemorrhoids.  After the procedure, the patient feels immediate improvement, and the disease retreats.
  2.  Does not require the use of general anesthesia. Manipulations performed after local anesthesia may cause only minor subjective discomfort.
  3.  Eliminates cuts in the body, minimizes the risk of bleeding. RFA provides for the use of only disposable sterile needles. Before the procedure, the inner walls of the rectum are treated with an antiseptic, helping to prevent purulent-septic complications.
  4.  The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, does not require hospitalization. After the procedure, you can leave the clinic immediately and start the usual activities at work or at home. During the postoperative period there is no need for a special regime of the day or diet.

According to foreign and domestic doctors, RFA is the leader in the list of the safest modern methods of minimally invasive treatment of hemorrhoids. The possibility of bleeding and undesirable complications is almost 100% excluded during the procedure.


The RFA method, which helps to treat hemorrhoids quickly and effectively, provides a marked improvement in any degree of pathology. Radio frequency ablation provides equally positive results, regardless of the phase of the disease.

The method provides quality treatment of internal hemorrhoids without surgery, is applicable in case of disease exacerbation. If the patient has a hemorrhoid node thrombosis, adequate treatment of this complication is carried out before the RFA.

There are no restrictions on the prescription and implementation of the procedure. Due to the high degree of safety, the method is applicable even to elderly patients.

When treating hemorrhoids in the Dniper using radio frequency ablation, specialists use only local anesthesia. At the same time, drugs are used which are not inclined to provoke side effects. The use of such medications is allowed even in the presence of serious diseases (coronary heart disease, hypertension, diabetes mellitus and others). Such disorders are not contraindications to the procedure. This is an important advantage of the RFA method over classical operations that require the administration of highly tolerated general anesthesia.


Patients who underwent RFA treatment at the MC "Medical Plaza" are fully satisfied with the results obtained and leave positive feedback on the effective treatment of hemorrhoids. Many of them have achieved a significant improvement in their quality of life due to timely medical treatment and minimally invasive intervention. Patients with 4th-degree hemorrhoids were also treated without surgery, helping to return to normal life.

The rapid treatment of hemorrhoids, based on the principle of radio frequency ablation, is also acceptable for people who are afraid of general anesthesia or have increased risks during a traditional operation. In our center we have a case when a young patient with 3rd degree of hemorrhoids had a strong fear of surgery because of the possibility of complications. However, the woman agreed to undergo the RFA procedure, the results of which she was more than 100% satisfied.


In most European countries, radio frequency ablation, which provides the fastest treatment for hemorrhoids, is well known to medical professionals. In foreign clinics the method of minimally invasive treatment and medical apparatus for its implementation have been successfully applied for over 5 years. Today, RFA procedure is widely demanded and guarantees effective hemorrhoid treatment in leading British, German, Swiss, Belgian, and Russian medical centres.

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