Dear patients, due to the heavy workload on the contact center,
appointment is now possible through the mobile application
  • Alina: Is it possible for your clinic to freeze birthmarks? If so, how much does it cost?

    So. You can see the prices in the section Cost

  • Yulia:: Do I need an appointment card for ultrasound diagnostics? And what's the price

    You do not need a special appointment card. I recommend you to consult with gynecologist. You can find the cost of it at the PRICES section on our site.

  • Ludmila: Can you tell me what the herpes virus infection is and is it dangerous? Thank you!!

    90% of population are carriers of this infection.

  • Olga: I have a question. To which doctor should I go. I have lingering nagging pain in my breasts area and dizziness.

    Good afternoon, please contact a therapist.

  • Ludmila: Do I need an official document that we are IDPs to see a pediatrician?

    No, you do not need it. 

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