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Specialization, position: Neurosurgery, Neurosurgeon

Category: Superior


  • Graduated from the Medical Faculty (Medicine) of the Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy in 1998; 
  • From 01.08.1998 to 01.02.2000 an internship at the regional clinical hospital named after Mechnikov, specialty "neurosurgery".

Professional development courses:

  • In 2 international congresses;
  • At 3 neurosurgical congresses;
  • 6 scientific conferences;
  • 4 workshops;
  • 1 neurological European school;
  • He gave a poster presentation at an international congress;
  • 5 papers in co-authorship and 1 patent.


  • Medial nerve neuropathy in the carpal canal;
  • Ulnar nerve neuropathy in the cubic canal;
  • Surgical interventions in tunnel syndromes (carpal tunnel syndrome, cubic tunnel syndrome);
  • Complex skull fracture surgery;
  • Arnold Chiari anomaly;
  • Brain injury (intracranial hematoma, skull fractures);
  • Brain tumors;
  • Hydrocephaly (staging of all types of LSH) nasal liquorices (spontaneous and after traumatic);
  • All degrees of HMT treatment, including all types of HMT surgery;
  • Treatment of inflammatory processes (secondary meningoencephalitis, brain abscesses (surgical treatment), osteomyelitis of skull bones;
  • Paravertebral blockages in spinal pain syndromes. Tom's like that.
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Marchenko Alexander Anatolyevich