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About Pavel Vladimirovich Palura

My experience of treatment in Medical Plaza (anal fissure and combined hemorrhoid 3rd grade) leads to the conclusion
1.    P. V. Palura is a formed and highly skilled surgeon-proctologist with a big professional experience (in spite of his relatively young age)
2.    Pavel Vladimirovich is proficient in modern technologies and facilities for sparing treatment of the wide range of proctological diseases.
3. He takes an extremely responsible attitude to his work, strictly follows the medical commandment "do no harm", reasonably and competently prescribes a course of treatment, taking into account the patient's concomitant diseases and the medications he takes. 
4. An excellent diagnosis specialist, he balances the analysis of the information received from the patient with traditional and modern instrumental examination methods. 
5. Convincingly argues the proposed treatment program, noting its advantages and disadvantages. 
6. Strictly follows the current standards of the chosen method of treatment. 
7. Skillfully engages the patient in cooperation, clearly explains the mechanism of action of the prescribed treatment complex, accurately predicts the patient's sensations during the procedure, surgery, postoperative state, and also accurately predicts the nature of the course of the rehabilitation period. 
8. Thinly feels the sensations and condition of the patient, incl. psychological owns a set of techniques to minimize the unpleasant effects of procedures. 
9. With patients, he is attentive, respectful, polite, patient. Objectively informs the patient about possible complications and measures to prevent them. In view of the above, I definitely recommend that you be treated by a proctologist surgeon Pavel Vladimirovich Palyura. 
Boris Vulfovich, 76 years old.

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