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Specialization, position: Urology Doctor.

Category: higher.


  • 1986-1992. Dnipropetrovsk Medical Institute;
  • 1995 - Specialization in urology.

Experince: 26 years.

Participant of professional communities:

  • Association of Urologists of Ukraine.

Professional development courses:

  • 2002 Ultrasound diagnostics in urology of Dnipropetrovsk Regional Clinical Center of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery,  Dnipro.
  • 2006 Internship and information courses at the Institute of Urology, Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, specialty "lithotripsy".
  • 2013 г. The course of thematic improvement "Minor invasive urology: endoscopy, diapevitics, DLT and contact lithotripsy" Dnepropetrovsk State Medical Academy


  • Hyperplasia (Adenoma) of the prostate;
  • Varicocele;
  • Kidney cysts;
  • Urinary stone disease;
  • Prostatitis;
  • Short bridle;
  • Phymose;
  • Vodian testis;
  • Parourethral cyst;
  • Carrying out primary and secondary prevention of urological diseases

A qualified specialist deals with the treatment of infectious and inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary sphere. He conducts surgical interventions for urological pathology, active scientific and practical activity, has a number of publications in international specialized editions.
Despite the achievements, he is constantly improving in his specialty, taking courses every five years.

In addition to advanced training courses, he regularly participates in congresses and conferences of specialists in urology, adopts the best practices of his colleagues and learns new technologies and methods of treatment of urological pathology.
In his daily practice, he applies modern diagnostic methods, works with the latest diagnostic and treatment equipment, and actively uses minimally invasive and non-traumatic diagnostic and treatment methods.

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Schumeyko Roman Eugenevich