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Webinar: Pediatrics. Topic:
Peculiarities of Caring for the Newborn Child.

Time: 13:00-14:00 Wednesday 22.03.17.

Conducts by: Oksana Viktorovna Dikonenko, pediatrician of Medical Plaza. Curator of the project "School of Maternity".

She specializes in monitoring and treating children from the first days of their life.

At the webinar, you'll find out:

  •     Anatomical and functional features of newborn skin, which determine the peculiarities of caring.
  •     Normal body temperature of the child of the first year of life. When do I need a doctor?
  •     Washing and bathing of newborns. What can you do and what is categorically forbidden?
  •     Daily care of the newborn, which includes the frequency of procedures.
  •     Children's cosmetics for caring. The difference between natural and organic cosmetics.
  •     And if the rash, sweat, redness? How to distinguish and what to do?
  •     Features of walking with a newborn in early spring.
  •     If the grandmother wants to swaddle? "For" and "against"

Also, you will have the opportunity to ask the specialist questions and get answers to them in real time.

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